Heather and Rhys - August 2019

Wednesday, 29 April, 2020

We are blessed to have such beautiful countryside on our doorstep and today we got to drive in it! Heather and Rhys chose Dusty and Bettina for their wedding cars as we were delighted to oblige!

Dusty, our 1973 microbus deluxe campervan and Bettina, our 1974 Karmann convertible beetle looked stunning in ribbons and and bunting as they made their way through the Ribble Valley in Lancashire on a beautiful sunny day.

Dusty took the bridal party and Bettina took our bride Heather and her dad to St. John's Church, Padiham for the ceremony. After the happy couple took their vows, we has a bottle of chilled fizz waiting for them to enjoy during their journey to the Inn at Whitewell for the reception. Our classic VWs look amazing in convoy and today was no exception.

The Inn at Whitewell provided the breathtaking background for the wedding photographs and group shots, before Dusty, Bettina and I left everyone to continue their celebrations in the sun.

Photos of the rather subdued (!!) bridal party can be seen here... ; )) https://preview.tinyurl.com/y8fxzg6y