Camper van for sale - The Oranjiboom

Monday, 20 August, 2012

 If any of you are looking to buy a camper van, then I would recommend this as an excellent buy.  Full details are on this website ...

A friend of mine is selling it, as with a new baby and a house purchase on the horizon, needs must.  It is a camper van that you could just take to the road in. Nothing needs doing, as it's already been done with love, care and expertise.

He has owned it for over 9 years, and has genuinely loved her and driven her with care and respect.  It was this camper van that inspired me to buy our own very first camper van all those years ago.

We have had many, many camping trips with Oranjiboom taking in Shell Island, north Wales, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District.  We've had lots of fun sat around campfires until late into the night and then making big breakfasts for everyone the following morning.

Oranjiboom was originally orange, and she was kept original until 2 years ago.  Ivor had a new engine fitted to her approximately 4 years ago, and she has since never missed a beat.  She was then being used as Ivor and Cj's wedding car in June 2010, so it was then that she underwent her restoration. 

Stripped right back to bare metal, she was treated to a new coat in Pastel white.  And how she now gleams!  The photographs don't do her justice, she has to be seen up close.  However, the photographs of Ior and Cj's wedding day really do show Oranjiboom looking just stunning.  She was then used for a honeymoon road trip through Northern and Southern Ireland.

It will be a sad day when Oranjiboom goes, but for the new owner, it really will be a fantastic start to a life changing adventure.